Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Sets: Handbag and small Make-Up Bag

After a little creative break, I'm back and since almost my whole Family are having their birthdays in the next few weeks, I made some presents. Two different matching sets of a big Handbag and a matching Make-Up Bag. I had some tutorials to help me but I mixed them up and gave them a Julie-Twist ;) like extra inside-pockets for cellphones etc. and instead of one outside fabric I chose two and put them together.

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Quick Tampon Case

Here we go with another tiny and handy gimmick, a cute tampon case. If they have to fall out of the purse in public, then they better fall out in this cute case ;) once I figured out how to attach the pocket at the bottom it was a piece of cake. Thanks again to Mrs. Langley for the tutorial! 

However, again, I made this pattern a bit more my own. It was supposed to be for these long tampons, mostly used in the US. I wanted mine, as you can see, to be fitting for the usual small OBs, so I reduced the measurements as follows:

Outside fabric:  15cm x 8,5cm
Lining:              15cm x 8,5cm
Fusible fleece:  15cm x 8,5cm
Pockets:        2x 7cm x 10,5cm
Fusible fleece:   7cm x 10,5cm

Again, because I just love them in all their colors, I exchanged the velcro for matching snaps and as with everything work with your imagination what other functions and variations this case can have. You can keep the 8,5cm width but make the length of every part, including pockets, longer, in order to make a case for lipsticks or lipgloss. I will probably try that soon and will keep you posted. 

Party Purse 2.0

I'm a little proud to report that I'm more and more able to adjust tutorials I find to the way I like them best. So, after giving the original business card holder a new job as a party purse and also adding a flap to close it, today I changed it up even more and made it bigger. Now, it either is a case for your vehicle registration certificate or for your kid's Pixie books. As you can see it works with or without flap, but I prefer it with flap because this way you don't lose any space.

Measurements for the Pixie books case:
Outside fabric: 14,5cm x 26,5cm
Lining:             14,5cm x 26,5cm
Fusible Fleece: 14,5cm x 26,5cm
Pockets:      2x 14,5cm x 19,5cm
+ some fabric for the flap
+ Kam Snap

Measurements for the vehicle registration certificate:
Outside fabric: 13,5cm x 21cm
Lining:             13,5cm x 21cm
Fusible Fleece: 13,5cm x 21cm
Pockets:      2x 13,5cm x 9cm
+ some fabric for the flap
+ Kam Snap

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee today and made
a Bikini bag:


This is my third one of those and I really love 'em! The inside fabric is laminated, which makes it water resistant and don't we all know the moment when we get out of our swimming gear and don't know where to put the wet stuff, without marking everything else wet. This bag is the perfekt solution! I found the tutorial for this here:

Biggest project yet

Today I found this great tutorial for a big shopper handbag:


Here is my first result. I am stoked and a little proud :)

Because I saw the inspiring pics in the tutorial I decided to have two different fabrics on the outside and I think it looks more interesting this way, don't you? Also, I added a small zipper bag on the inside and a Kam Snap in the middle to be able to close the bag. On the next bag (which I will totally make, very soon!!) I will shorten the straps to carry it in the crook of the arm and maybe also a bigger extra inside bag that parts the shopper bag in the middle.

Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Kiddie Scarves

Just finished four reversible kiddie scarves for my nieces. I tried jersey and sweat shirt fabrics for the first time. Worked pretty well and feels sooo comfy!

Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Fresh supplies for the weekend ;)

Went to the drapery today with my two nieces and their mums. We spent a fortune and there will be a lot of new creations in the next few days